The Sky's the Limit
My ekphrastic poem was about a wolf getting separated from her pack. She is about ready to die when her pack returns and she realizes she will never be alone. The picture that inspired me was this one, and my poem is also below:
Alone In the World

By Sofia Brown


Looking out on the weather-beaten wasteland,

I feel remorse repeating it’s cycle in me,

My eyes contain secrets buried dangerously deep,

Secrets of why I am alone,

Alone in the world.


My ears are pricked for silent sound,

Silence in the lost pack,

Of me and my thoughts

Wind rustles my fur, reminding me of one thing,

I am alone,

Alone in the world.


Softly sniffing the heather-scented air,

A hare leaps out of a prickly thistle,

I do not chase,

The hunt has lost all joy for me,

It reminds me of how I am alone,

Alone in the world


Black and white pictures,

Flash before my mind,

Running free with the pack,

Tongue hanging from my open mouth,

But now I am alone,

Alone in the world


I cover the last dry-grass covered hill before a dreary desert of sand,

And the sight seizes my heart,

Brown, gray, white, and black shapes

 Gallop toward me,

At the speed of liquid lightning,

The feeling of flying floods my heart,

I remember,

I am never alone




Jean Brown
3/28/2011 03:21:16 am

Great poetry, Sofia. It was very moving.

Sofia Brown
3/28/2011 11:05:50 am

Thanks, Grandma!!!

Kristen Brown
3/28/2011 01:09:50 pm

Wow! That was awesome! It was very touching, and I think that it required a lot of time to write and edit it. That was great!


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