The Sky's the Limit
This is my first blog post, so it's a test. Testing, testing. Please check out my website!

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                    Welcome to the amazing website of Sofia Brown de Lopez!!! Hello. This is my version of an online me. I am creating this site as an english assignment for my teacher Mrs. Gates, whose link to her website is below. There is my “About Me” page, which is full of what I love to do, watch, read, listen to, and much, much more. My “academics” page catalogs my major accomplishments in Stevenson Middle school. My “resources” page has nothing on it quite yet, but it will soon. This page is my blog, full of the new improvements on my  website and an introduction, of course. The name of my website is “The Sky’s The Limit” because that’s what my motto is and I believe in it. So, check it out. Welcome to my website.


    November 2010



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