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Good Digital Citizenship

A good digital citizen doesn’t swear online, or put down other people in chat rooms. He/she respects others’ wishes, and doesn’t harass people. They don’t “friend” other people when they don’t want to be ‘friended’. A good digital citizen doesn’t post untrue things on his/her page that might make people friend them or something. And you can’t insult others when they don’t do something you want them to do. For example, if you friend someone and they reject you, you can’t say all this mean stuff about them.

Good digital citizens make the virtual world a better place by moderating the swearing and insults. They makes it so that you aren’t shocked when you go onto someone’s page and see a page full of swearing and harassment of other players. If you’re playing on a virtual world game, and you send someone a message, and they send back a mean reply, if they were a good citizen they wouldn’t do that. And not pirating is a good digital citizen example as well.

I learned what a good digital citizen does and is. I learned ways to be a good digital citizen when we made our poster. And I learned to model good citizenship by being a good digital citizen and telling people who aren’t off. If everyone tried to be a good digital citizen, more people would use the Internet, and more people would be good digital citizens. And if everyone was good on the Internet, they might be good in real life.

Good digital citizens are the heart of the Internet. They are the people who know how to respond to the bad digital citizens and how to control their own behavior.  Good digital citizens can be good people in real life.

Good digital citizens are the best people online, and support the Internet infinitely. 

2/23/2018 12:02:51 pm

Thank you so much. This inspired me a lot.


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